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You have been jumping from website to website and have not yet decided with French translation bureau to select. You want the best possible price and the shortest turnaround time. If you are in a corporate office, your boss is perhaps pressing you because time is of the essence. So, you go to Express International Translations. You are probably knocking at the right door.

You should also request a quote for all your needs in consecutive and simultaneous interpretation into French.

Philippe Vitu

Born in Chicago, Illinois.  Son on a foreign diplomat he spent a number of years in Austria, France and Japan. Attorney at Law (Strasbourg, 1984), awarded a Masters of Political Science (Strasbourg, 1984) and an MBA (Hartford, 1992), Philippe is both a translator and a simultaneous interpreter, fluent in French, English and German, conversant in Russian, Japanese and Romanian.

Dora D'Uva

Born in Italy, she received a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and French (UWO, 1986) and a Certificate of International Business Management.

She speaks fluent French, Italian and Spanish and serves as a marketing agent and Italian interpreter.

Our advantages

We have been translators and interpreters since 1997 which means that we both have 15 years of experience.


Once your request for a quote reaches us, we provide you with a free quote generally within the hour, regardless of the size of the project. We also give you an estimated turnaround time.

Chances are that the free quote and the turnaround time will be among the best you will find anywhere in North America. Our overhead costs are very low. Furthermore, owing to our in-house French translation service, translation projects into French are often started right away and, in the case of short and straightforward translations involving less than 300 words, completed and e-mailed to the within the hour.


A Note from the President
"Our mission is to provide cost-effective, reliable and accurate professional translation services and uphold the strictest standards of security and confidentiality."
Please not that we are not only limited to English to French.

We can also provide translation services, to and from, Polish, Latin, Thai, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Vietnamese, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, and many other languages

Please contact us to discuss your translation needs.
High quality simultaneous interpretation services and press conferences in the media were key elements to our success...Thank you for your contribution to the success of World Youth Day 2002.
Paul, Director of Communication
Toronto Ontario, Canada