Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

The technological advances of our time have now given us the opportunity to provide Sign Language Interpretation via a web based solution. You can now access an interpreter using a high speed Internet connection and a web cam. The hearing and deaf person are in the same location and the interpreter is located remotely.

What you need to set up Video Remote Interpreting
You will need a laptop or stand alone computer equipped with a web camera. If a web camera is not built into the computer monitor than a standalone camera must be attached separately to the computer. Of course, you will need to be connected to high speed Internet.   

You can call our office and arrange for an appointment to help you set up and test your equipment free of charge.

VRI versus On Site Interpretation
Prescheduled VRI appointments are charged a 1-hour minimum as opposed to the two-hour minimum for on-site interpretation. There are of course no charges for mileage or travel. Call the office at 416-410-2021 for details.

Video Remote Interpretation is easy to use, cost effective and productive for both the client and the interpreter. Good for any type of one to one meeting whether in a business, medical, legal or personal setting. Whether you are home or at the office, during business hours or after business hours, whether weekdays or weekends, Video Remote Interpretation is the new way of interpretation.

Call us for more information.