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How many people spend more than one hour a week watching a sport event on TV, be it baseball, hockey or soccer. Better still…how many go to a sporting event? A lot, judging by the traffic gridlocks that they cause….

As we bid farewell to 2013, and start 2014, there has never been a better time to call on our sport translation skills. The Winter Olympic Games opening in February in Sotchi (Russia) followed by the Soccer World Cup in Brazil are just the beginning of exciting times for whoever lives Canada

This is because the Pan American Games that Toronto will be hosting in 2015 (TO2015) are a rare moment where people of the word unite in watching and cheering athletes who have trained for years and who are surpassing themselves. We are dedicated to the passion of sport. We speak the languages of athletes, their fans, supporters and managers.

We claim an expertise in French sports translations: some of our translators have served at some of the most prestigious sporting events such as the Olympic Summer Games in Atlanta (1996), the Olympic Summer Games in Beijing (2003) and the Pan American Games in Santo Domingo (2003) and the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver (2010).

Whatever your sport, be it soccer, tennis, motorsports, golf, cycling, yachting, basketball, rugby, track and field, fencing, equestrianism, skiing, skating, biathlon, whatever your organization, our French sport translators will provide you with the precise and accurate translations you need.

Are you looking for soccer translations into French?  When it comes to writing about the world’s favorite sport, few people have more experience than we do. Philippe Vitu, president of Express International Translations Inc,, has been a soccer referee many years handling anglophone like francophone players. We make a superb cross to the far post to our striker who, through a header, catapults the ball to the opposing side of the net…all in French.
Perhaps you prefer cycling? Who hasn’t heard of the “Tour de France”?  That is an event that attracts riders from all across the world. Winning the Tour de France cleanly – we mean without doping – ads prestige not only to the roder, but to the country he represents. French and cycling are so interconnected.

What about sailing? This is another sport where the French language is very present. We have all heard of “Vendée Globe” which is a yearly race around the world. This sport uses a unique range of terminology that requires the translator to steer a clear course lest not reaching the Finish line. Our translators reach the Finish line.