Simultaneous Conference Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation or conference interpreting is the art of listening to spoken words while interpreting those words into a different language in real time.

There are two modes of achieving this style of Interpretation:  via Soundproof Booth or Portable Simultaneous System. While the soundproof booth is best suited for international conference settings, such as international meetings and conventions, the portable system is perfect for smaller functions of up to 50 participants.

Is your event Out Of City…Out Of Province maybe even Out Of Country?

Don’t Panic. We have successfully supported numerous large clients throughout Canada with certified simultaneous interpreters in a variety of languages. Our simultaneous interpreters have extensive experience and professional certification(s) in at least one foreign language. Many are accredited by professional recognized organizations.

Generally, Mr. Philippe Vitu, president and founder of Express International Translations will attend in a double capacity: that of conference interpreter and on-site manager. Mr. Philippe Vitu has a long list of conferences to his credit in Toronto, out of the province and even out of Canada. He has served as a conference interpreter at International Conventions, Medical Conventions, Board meetings, Sales Conventions, Conventions against Domestic Violence, Education, Union negotiations, Accounting and worked for many notables of this world, including president Aristide of Haiti, the Premier of Quebec Mr. Lucien Bouchard, Mayor Mel Lastman, Premier McKenna, Mr. Preston Manning, Prime Minister Jean Chretien and even Pope Jean Paul II.

We provide French simultaneous interpretation services just almost anywhere in Canada, including Montreal, Toronto, Mississauga, Vancouver, Ottawa, Quebec, Edmonton, Calgary, British-Columbia and Ontario.

we provide two types of simultaneous equipment

1)The Soundproof booth: This equipment, which includes the soundproof booth, a console, transmitters and the presence of a technician, is suitable for large groups in a conference setting.

2)The Portable Simultaneous System: This equipment is much lighter than the above and more cost-effective. It does not require a booth or a technician. It is mobile and suitable for smaller groups up to 20 individuals.