consecutive interpretation services

Express International Translations Inc.  strives to provide high standards of quality in interpretation services. We provide consecutive interpretation services into French as well as phone interpretation.

Consecutive interpretation services are usually used to facilitate a discussion between two persons who do not understand each other. One of the two persons speaks, then stops to allow the interpreter to translate into the other language, then talks again, the pauses etc…This is the simplest, the most cost-effective form of translation.

We provide French consecutive interpretation services just almost anywhere in Canada, including Montreal, Toronto, Mississauga, Vancouver, Ottawa, Quebec, Edmonton, Calgary, British-Columbia and Ontario.

We provide consecutive interpretation services into French in the following areas: Arbitrations, Assessments, Business meetings, classroom settings, community forums, consultations, court hearings, depositions, discoveries, hospitals, immigration hearings, medical exams, home assessments, insurance matters, lawyer-client meetings, presentations, press conferences, tours and much more….


Phone interpretation offers a practical way of receiving quality interpretation without requiring any of the parties to leave their home or their office. Busy professional nowadays do not have time to spend in endless traffic jams.

So, we offer interpretation over the phone services. All you have to do is call our office and we do the rest. Because we have an in-house translation service, chances are that we might initiate the service almost immediately. Once the communication is established, the proceedings take place as they normally would at a face-to-face meeting, but there is no physical contact between the parties.


Interpreting & Document Translation Services

We provide language interpretation services with quality in mind.  Our language interpreters form Toronto or anywhere else in Canada are professional certified Interpreters.

Many court certified interpreters are accredited with The Ministry of the Attorney General or Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB).

Others  have acquired their certification from:
Cultural Interpreter Language Interpretation Skills Assessment Test-CILISAT

Interpreter Language Interpretation Skills Assessment Test-ILSAT

We have a complete team of interpreters covering all major languages and languages of lesser diffusion serving the GTA, Toronto, Mississauga and surrounding Area. Since interpreters play a vital role in multi-language settings, we recruit our interpreters to the highest standards in the profession.

They are all knowledgeable in their fields and possess years of pertinent experience. Whether you are looking for a certified court interpreter, a legal or medical interpreter that is fluent in French, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Mandarin, Polish, Turkish, German, Hindi or Vietnamese you have called the right place.  We will make sure to place the right interpreter for your particular setting.