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Soundproof and Protable Equipment Rentals

We offer state of the art equipment rentals for all of your conference needs. Whether the attendees are 20 or 2000 we can help. We are your “ONE STOP SHOP” for Simultaneous Conference Interpreters and Interpretation Equipment. The interpretation equipment is an essential part of simultaneous conference interpretation. It usually consists of a soundproof booth equipped with a central console manned by the simultaneous interpreters.

The equipment further consists of infrared transmitters and headsets for the audience. A qualified technician present at all times. The system can be what we call on “simple mode” involving just two languages or on a more complex “relay mode” involving many languages, more than one booth and a larger team of interpreters.

Our simultaneous interpretation service provided during World Youth Day in 2002 is a good example of what interpretation is in a relay mode: Pope John Paul II, who was a polyglot, was speaking in more languages than one, but we had to render the translation into 7 different languages: Italian, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Polish and Portuguese.

Depending on the size of your event, there are 2 different ways simultaneous interpretation can be achieved.

Sound Proof Booth

Interpreters translate from inside a soundproof booth equipped with microphones and are heard by the participants in the audience through receivers. Therefore, the interpreters are clearly heard but not usually seen. Translation booths are equipped with a translation switch, volume controls, and a mute knob.

There is also a table that spans the width of the booth where interpreters can set up their notebooks, glossaries, dictionaries and other working tools as needed. The booth is usually placed at the back of the room in an isolated area of the conference room away from any disturbance to the attendees giving the interpreters full view of the podium. Major hotels and convention centers are now equipped with custom-built translation booths that are usually located in the mezzanine or in the technical area, clear of the seating area.

Advantage Mobility - Easy to Use and Easy to Set Up

The key advantage is mobility. During guided tours, requiring moving from place to place, the interpreter speaks into a tiny microphone connected to a portable transmitter while receiver-equipped participants walk around freely.

We use the Gentner portable simultaneous interpretation system. It is a world-class renowned system.

Areas where Portable Systems are used:

One on one conversation where consecutive interpretation is impractical is:

  • Escort Interpreting
  • Company/Facility Tour and Tour Guide
  • Small Meetings
  • Where a Few Only Require Interpretation